Rogier Barendregt, designer of user interface experiences & typographer for the Web

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by…! I am Rogier Barendregt, a designer from Amsterdam.

I design and develop delightful interactive products, and consult on designing for the Web. I translate brands into elegant experiences with a focus on beautiful typography and comfortable readability.

My design process is guided by a product and its contents. Web’s content, structure and information hierarchy language HTML accompanied by its CSS visual design language in combination with common sense, pencil and paper are my primary design tools.

Since 1997 I have been designing and developing interactive products, gaining an intimate knowledge of, and respect for the Web.

Designing utilising the actual medium and working with its grain is vital to my process. It allows for informed design decisions that create a beautiful and friendly, yet usable, accessible and performant product. Tailor-made to its medium, this design approach allows for continuous iteration, refinement, and testing.

A proponent of inclusive design — accessible to people regardless of their device, ability, or browser — I design universally available baseline experiences that are enhanced into full-fledged interactive products.


In 20 years of designing and developing interactive products I have worked for a broad range of clients, from global corporations and non-profits to small creative businesses. After working for studios and agencies I have been working for clients through my own company since 2004, both in team environments and as a ‘one-man design team.’

Some clients I have had the pleasure of working with include The RELX Group, Reed Elsevier’s User Centered Design group, Wolters Kluwer, Randstad, Rabobank, Kennisnet and the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science (OCenW).

More about Rogier

In my spare time I’d like to hang out with my awesome daughter Silver Anaïs and my girlfriend Cat. I am an avid purveyor of knick–knacks, a connoisseur of fine kitsch and collect exceptional colours. I love luchador aesthetics, beautiful craftsmanship and have a fascination for video stills of old monster movies.

Someday I am going to run my own brand of tequila. One of my guilty pleasures are televised cooking contests. Sometimes I have a dark and twisted sense of humour…

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