Design of User Interface Experiences & Typography for the Web

Hi there, thanks for stopping by…! I am Rogier Barendregt, a designer and user-experience consultant residing in Amsterdam specialised in online visual communications. I design websites and elegant experiences with a focus on content and beautiful typography.

Ideation & user-centred design thinking

I design products that are people-centric and browser & platform independent.

A multidisciplinary approach to designing for the web & speaking fluent front-end

The best experience can be obtained only by being equal parts designer and developer. Some of the most important design decisions happen in code.

The technical knowledge of a medium is vital to its design. It is essential to understand the underlying technology’s constraints, and importantly, its capabilities…

Content dictates design and communicates with purpose

…Similarly, content guides my designs. Content and design are not independent.

I rely on a network of collaborators and dedicated people from diverse disciplines in order to establish a well-balanced content strategy and product vision. Relevant information will be communicated clearly and easily while simultaneously providing quality graphic design to complement the overall experience.

Typography communicates with efficiency & beauty

Good typography is the core of a great design. Being the main conveyor of content, type is the biggest part of a user-interface.

Text should both look exceptionally beautiful while being comfortable to read.

Handcrafting quality design for the Web, with the raw materials of the Web

Besides in-depth knowledge of graphic design principles and user-centered design methods I have a background in front-end development. I handcraft well structured, semantic HTML5 markup and performance optimised CSS.

Embracing the continually shifting and evolving web I design future-friendly, yet past-proof websites.

Designing using the web-browser as a ‘live’ canvas

By default my deliverables for products are browser–based and appropriate for each device. Avoiding static, unrealistic mock-ups or Photoshop comps allows me to see the actual fluid content in its final form right from the start.

An intelligent, modern process approach: Concept — Strategy — Creation — Beautification — Simplification

Working from strategy and concept all the way through development means that the proposed design can be tested continuously, iterated upon and refined. Problems that may be encountered can be reacted upon early in the process and therefor avoided. Furthermore, being involved in each aspect of the design process allows for a focused and simplified experience. It also helps me think about users’ interactions with, and their journeys through products or services.

The benefits of designing with web standards

Standards conforming to the W3C reduce bandwidth, bloat and loading times. They make sites easy to maintain and promote accessibility, search engine optimisation and good coding practices.

Using web standards means websites will be accessible to people regardless of their browsing platform, device or ability.

Universal and inclusive web design

By addressing accessibility, products become universally usable to the largest possible audience including users with disabilities.

Writing accessible code not only helps making content make sense to humans but is optimised for search engines as well.

More about Rogier

I work for a broad range of clients from small creative businesses to global companies.

The last 14 years I have been working as a freelancer and contractor, both in team environments and as a ‘One-man design team.’ Before that I worked as an in-house designer, for studios and agencies.

In my spare time I’d like to hang out with my awesome daughter Silver Anaïs and my girlfriend Cat. I am an avid purveyor of knick–knacks, a connoisseur of fine kitsch and collect exceptional colours. I love luchador aesthetics, beautiful craftsmanship and have a fascination for video stills of old monster movies.

Someday I will run my own brand of tequila. One of my guilty pleasures are televised cooking contests. Sometimes I have a dark and twisted sense of humour…

You can find me jabbering and ranting on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn or see my virtual wunderkammer on Pinterest.

Get in touch with me…!

Why not say hello if you think your product can benefit from my services and/or we make good friends!

In case you want to send me stuff via snail-mail, this would be the address to send it to:

  • Rogier Barendregt
  • Usethetics
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